Primal Darkness

A MUD, in a browser? Updates for May 5th, 2019


Greetings everyone,

I know it’s been a little while since my last update. I’ve been quite busy between family and those pesky projects that keep the lights on. However, I do have some news to share with you.

Web Client
Believe it or not, in the modern world connecting a browser to a MUD is quite a challenge. For security, a browser cannot connect natively to a MUD. In the days before this was worked around by using a Java applet or Flash to create the connection, but with both of those options deprecated our options are extremely limited.

The good news is there are options out there, namely Unfortunately, it acts as a proxy to the MUD, your browser first connection to it via WebSocket, then proxies to the MUD.

Though this works, it creates certain challenges that I had to overcome with a number of our existing systems. Since connections are proxied, the MUD will see everyone using it as multiplaying. Our identity system relies heavily on IPs as well.

Challenges aside, I’m now announcing a new Web Client for us, provided by Check out our new way to connect at:

Login Enhancements
The login system has been rewritten from the ground up. Most notable changes are in the character creation process. Our login now integrates tightly with identities, forcing new players to either specify an existing character or create a new identity. This actually addresses a bug in new player signup where the race selection room does not show without <look> ing.

Identities now require password verification in order to link accounts. Previously this was based on IP, but with the Australia Proxy and our new web client, it’s no longer sufficient security.

MUD Client
Since returning, I’ve wanted to create a new way of playing. The recent addition of GMCP has unlocked the ability for the MUD to talk directly to your mid client. Some ideas I can think of:

When your low on health, your screen is surrounded with blood splatter.
Health bars shown right in the client.
Separate window for chat.
Mapping Integration


  • Login Authentication Rewritten.
  • Login Character Creation Rewritten.
  • Multiplaying is now determined based on identity instead of IP.
  • Identities are now password protected by the primary character.
  • Fixed memory leak in finger.