Primal Darkness

Updates for February 22nd


Another few weeks have passed and it’s time to bring yet another update to Primal Darkness. Over the last few weeks I’ve been working diligently to bring some much needed under-the-hood improvements to our game engine. As you may know, Primal Darkness is based on the Nightmare III mudlib which was created in the early 90’s. It’s in desperate need of TLC and that’s what we’ve been trying to give it.

Though most of this weeks updates are mostly under the hood, there’s quite a few noticeable changes.

<mudtime> will now display uptime correctly
<party> requirements have changed, every 25 levels you’ll gain 5 levels of variance. For example, a level 20 can party within 5 levels, a level 50 can party within 15 levels.
Reworked combat, hopefully addresses several edge cases preventing combat from starting properly.

To outline some of the under-the-hood and immortal or above changes I’ve made.

Fixed a bug in since() causing time since to be displayed improperly
Introduced several new simul_efuns, array_contains, array_reduce and map_reduce
Rearranged simul_efun storage for more logical separation
Fixed area stat tracking, usage stats should now track properly with <domains>
Fixed several issues in master.c, including author_file and domain_file, should now properly track area statistics
Introduced new “designer” position, will be used for relaying special in-game properties for players assisting with area balance.
Fixed a bug preventing administrators from warping the in-game time.
Fixed a bug that may prevent the game from shutting down safely in the event of high memory usage.
Reworked player restoration code for simplicity.

If you have any ideas for other areas of improvement let me know.