Primal Darkness

Updates for February 26th - The Ocean Update


It’s only been three days since our last update so what could we possibly have to announce so soon? How about brand new ocean. I’ve fully rewritten our oceans, squashed a ton of bugs and added several new features.

Ship Changes

  • Ship progression via <improve>ments.
  • Variable speed sailing.
  • Surroundings displayed during sailing, deprecates <setenv BOAT_DESC>.
  • Beaches now create a <raft> exit instead of using <enter raft>.

Ocean Improvements

  • Squashed several bugs, particularly while wrapping the map
  • Wreckage and loot are now persisted across reboot
  • Individual ships are now pre-loaded when a user logs in

Ship Improvements

  • On-ship storage allows for the collection of extra loot while adventuring in far off locations
  • Armour stats improve maximum damage your ship can take
  • Weapon stats improve the damage your ship deals.
  • <fire> on other players ships to sink them.
  • <board> ships and sail other player’s ships.
  • Prices significantly reduced
  • Added several description enhancements, <look sails>, <look armour> etc.

Raft Changes

  • You may now <ride raft to [player]> or <ride raft to ship #>.
  • You may still <enter raft #> to raft to a random ship.
  • Rafts can now be used to sail to any ship.

Dock Improvements

  • Fixed a display bug when too many ships are nearby.

Beach Improvements

  • You can now <look ships> to see what ships are near.

Ship Vendors

  • Standard Ship Keepers now allow for all purchasable options at all ship keepers.

Other Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Autoloading: General cleanup and improvement
  • Autoloading: Items that error on login will now be retried on next login.
  • Rooms: Room items now support function pointers for dynamic content
  • Rooms: Room descriptions may be dynamically lengthened using set_long_more