Updates for February, 3nd


Hey players,

Over the last week, I’ve been busy gutting and rewriting several of our core but often forgotten about systems. Though most of these changes do not have a visible impact, several key new features have been added to allow us to bring you more, exciting content.

Crons/Events/Periodic Tasks
For years we’ve lacked a good way of scheduling tasks to run to run. For those familiar with MudOS/FluffOS, most of our internal subsystems implement ways to perform periodic updates, all with their own methods for achieving it.

The new events daemon will allow us to enable more time-based mud events, such as more XP bonuses and additional content. Previously XP bonuses were frowned upon because of their manual process of disabling them. With this new system, we can start an XP bonus and have it auto-disable after a set amount of time. Events are also persisted over a reboot, allowing us to ensure even crashes do not stop the fun!

Our reboot system has been completely overhauled to give the administration much more control over how the mud reboots. We now support weekly scheduled reboots, where reboots can occur at a specific, repeating weekly time vs only in set hourly intervals, or no reboots at all!

Administrators can also now cleanly cancel reboots that are in progress.

Our astronomy system has also been overhauled, helping to bring back old, forgotten features like moons and variable light bonuses based on moonlight. These changes will be most visible to players when they look at the sky.

In addition, we have much more flexibility with controlling game times. We expect to use this in the future for some fun, in-game experiences. Can anyone say, [timewarp]?

Better Timezone Support
We’ve also updated the [time] and [mudtime] commands to better handle timezones. In addition, several new simul_efuns were created to better handle displaying time with timezones.

Look for these changes to be introduced over the next few days. Given the enormity of them, a small amount of downtime is expected while updates are applied.