Primal Darkness

Updates for March 17th


My updates have been a tad bit slower lately, but just because you’ve not seen many changes recently doesn’t mean we’re not working in the background to make improvements, some just take time. Here’s a list of some recent updates:

MUD Updates - GMCP Support
Over the last few months, I’ve been secretly working to get GMCP support into the mud and I’m happy to say I believe we’re at a good, stable point to announce it. If you use an advanced client like Mudlet, GMCP is already active and sending your client data! Check it out in Mudlet by clicking Triggers > Statistics and the data that’s being sent will be shown in your display.

What is GMCP you may ask? It’s a hidden protocol allowing MUDs and clients to communicate without their users seeing it. This allows us to send data such as vitals, room information and other tidbits that empower us, and our users, to create custom HUDs and scripts for playing Primal Darkness. In fact, I’ve even built custom mapping scripts with TinTin++ to render a full map of Tirun! Check it out at

Website Update -
I’ve begun the process of revamping our website! I have a few exciting new features planned, and a few more that could be worked on with your help! There’s quite a bit I could do, including player picture submissions, sketch submissions, custom faction/guild functionality. What matters is what everyone thinks is a priority. Time spent on the website is less time spent on the game.

In addition to our new site, I’m hoping to introduce a brand new playing experience using a hybrid web<->mud client. Using GMCP, we can render HP bars, split windows into gameplay and chat, provide keyboard shortcuts for abilities and potentially support javascript based triggers.

To do this was no easy feat! I’ve had to build a NodeJS based MUD Telnet engine so that we could use browser WebSockets to connect to the game. There are tons of hidden data being presented that you don’t see, from simple color codes to more advanced telnet protocols. My hope is to soon opensource this engine to empower other MUDs to do the same.

What features should I prioritize? (pick up to 3)

  • Mud Client/HUD Experience
  • Guild Sites
  • Faction Sites
  • Player Directory
  • Player Pictures and Sketches

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Server Updates - RAM Upgrade
The server has been upgraded to 4GB of RAM so that it can handle all of our services. Discourse is quite heavy and for a little bit anytime it was used there was a possibility it’d take down the entire server!

Server Updates - Switched from FTP to sFTP
sFTP is much more secure than unencrypted FTP traffic. Best to keep vigilant against hax0rs!

Server Updates - SSH Access
After moving to AWS the new server design limited what access could be given out to our various staff. I’ve redesigned how PD and it’s servers run on the server, once again reallowing SSH accounts.