Primal Darkness

Web Developer Needed


Greetings Players,

We’re looking for a Web Developer to help bring our website to 2019. Work has already started to bring this idea to life and is available for preview at

What do we need? We need someone who’s worked with React, SaSS and has a keen eye for design. Bonus for advanced javascript experience to help bring our new mud client ( to the next level.

What do you get? As you know Primal Darkness is run 100% by volunteers, donations and financial support from the administration team. For helping to complete this project we’re offering credit as Web Developer in our Administration section for both the website and in-game, and a unique in-game wearable letting you show off your help and support of the MUD.


I am by no means a Web Designer, but do have some experience with javscript, html, css and the like